Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Doll Clothes

This Christmas I got a Hearts4Hearts girl.  Her name is Rahel and I thought she could use some more outfits. So I have been crafting.

This is Rahel.  This is her original outfit.

Little Yellow Riding Hood

I made this yellow hood and cape out of a dishcloth and elastic string. The elastic string is used to keep the hood on her head by tying it around her back.

Rahel is rockin' the socks!

I was inspired to make this outfit based on a youtube video I saw.  It is by My Froggy Stuff. This skirt and t-shirt were made from old socks. I made the skirt by cutting off the bottom of the sock and turning it upside down so the frilly part is at the bottom. I made the t-shirt by doing the same as the skirt but cutting two small arm holes. Check out the My Froggy Stuff blog for great doll crafts, printables, and more fun stuff.

The winner for best dressed is.....Rahel!

This outfit is my own creation.  I was telling my mom that we should go to a fabric store to get fabric for some designs. While cleaning up for Christmas, my mom found a whole bunch of old Christmas bags. This silver dress was made from a wine bag. I cut off the botton of the bag. I pulled the string as tight as it could go and made a belt that is hidden under the flap. When we found this bag, the string was not fully looped through the bag. I spent 20 minutes pulling it through with a paper clip.  I think it turned out great.  Rahel is ready for an evening out.

Yaaaay.  That was randomly awesomely fun!

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